Here is what just a few of our clients and business colleagues are saying:

“Put simply, Marty Croyle has a gift. Sure, he’s a numbers savant and offers tremendous value to his clients and colleagues when it comes to financial management, but I think it’s his light touch that separates him from the crowd. I have witnessed many times Marty put non-financial owners and leaders completely at ease when it comes to the numbers, helping them climb inside financial statements to find the real story. It’s a pleasure to witness and makes a marked difference for anyone with whom Marty interacts. The result? Better run businesses that are more profitable.”
Chris Bond, Murphy Business

“I have known and worked with Marty Croyle for more than ten years.  As a fellow CPA I have learned from, and have great respect and appreciation for Marty and his teaching and business coaching skills.  I am confident that his clients investment with him will be returned in multiples.  I highly recommend Croyle Financial for your business training and financial requirements.”
Thomas L. Vermeulen, CPA, CGMA, President, Vermeulen & Company

“Marty Croyle has been our accountant since 2007 and we started consulting with him in 2015. Despite being very busy, we were not seeing profit margins expected for all the hard work we were exerting; it was very frustrating. Marty got to know how we did things and offered solutions that worked quickly in turning things around. He tweaked our Chart of Accounts so we could better understand our profit and loss numbers. He had us categorize our projects and then determine which categories were more profitable than others. He had us zero in on obtaining the more profitable types of projects.

Marty helped me delegate tasks to make better use of my expertise and valuable time as owner of the company. For example, the office staff was trained in better screening methods so I wasn’t meeting with everyone that called looking for an estimate thereby focusing on projects with better profitability potential. I have now delegated many time consuming tasks to office staff so that I can focus on bringing in the business, overseeing our current projects, and making sure the customers see me involved from start to finish.

Our company has been around for 30 years, but sometimes it takes a fresh perspective and new ideas to help bump productivity and efficiency and we are grateful that Marty Croyle was there to offer his expertise.”
Fernando Carreiro, Villandry Contracting, Inc.

“While we had built a successful retail business with multiple locations, our accounting and financial reporting was incomplete and did not always correspond with our POS system. Our prior accounting firm provided us with annual financial statements and filed our taxes, but never educated us on the importance of keeping accurate, up-to-date monthly records and establishing proper end of month cut-off procedures. As a result, we were not able track monthly and yearly gross profit % and explain variances. This became a major problem when we were negotiating the sale of the business to a larger company that needed to see accurate and reliable monthly reports.

At this point, we approached Marty. Marty and his team worked tirelessly to fill in the gaps in our reporting and took the time to help us establish more accurate monthly accounting procedures. Most importantly, Marty provided us with practical, “nuts and bolts” explanations of what had been missing in our financial reports. As a result of his advice and recommendations, we were able to complete the sale. I only wish we had this information twenty years ago.

Now as a former business owner (thanks to Marty in no small way), I can see how the Academy will benefit many non-financial CEO’s and owners. You can be sure I will recommend it to others.”
Terry Bane – Retail business owner

“For the past eleven years, I have had the good fortune of having Marty as a member of a group of business owners/leaders that I work with in monthly meetings. During these meetings, the members discuss challenges, opportunities, decisions, issues, dilemmas, and the kinds of things that all business owners/leaders face leading their businesses successfully. Sometimes, the business owner doesn’t even know that they have a problem or that things could be better/different. During these discussions, Marty has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to consult with and help the other group members. His broad perspective, deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, ability to “hear” the unspoken and relevant aspects of the situation, and his genuine concern about his peers, transcend his financial background (which is outstanding by the way). I am sure that the Croyle Financial Academy will exceed business leaders’ expectations and reasons for participating.”
Guy Fincke

“I have gotten to know Marty over the last 8 years. I have seen his unwavering focus on helping business owners understand their business by understanding their financial statements. This is his passion and his core strength. I highly recommend signing up for his academy to gain a deeper understanding of your business so that you can more easily achieve your goals.”
Tim FitzGerald, CPA, FitzGerald & FitzGerald, P.C