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Navigate Your Way through the Maze!


The Croyle Financial Academy Seminars

“Drive Profitability by Mastering Your Financials” is a series of financial seminars for CEOs who want to learn to navigate the maze of their financial reporting to run more profitable businesses.  Each three-hour seminar will focus on a particular aspect of financial reporting.  The seminars will be led by CPA Marty Croyle who will explain all concepts in plain English which will be supported with easy-to-understand case studies and examples.

Each seminar will provide a chance for the participating CEOs to discuss the seminar’s topic as a group.  Between classes, participants can schedule one-on-one consulting with Marty Croyle to help the CEOs master how they can utilize this financial data in their businesses.

The seminars will be held at various locations in the Boston area.  The sessions will be offered during the week and on weekends.  See the “Shop” link above for specific dates, times and locations of upcoming seminars.